Filmmaker of the Month

OCTFME launched the “Filmmaker of the Month” initiative as a vehicle for highlighting the talents and creative contributions of filmmakers that make the District of Columbia their home. The Filmmaker of the Month initiative is part of OCTFME’s mission to elevate the national and international profile of the District’s talented filmmakers. 

Each month, the OCTFME features a District-based filmmaker who exemplifies the vast amount of talent and creativity based here in the nation’s capital. 

The District of Columbia has a diverse group of filmmakers who are producing films locally, as well as nationally and internationally. The purpose of this feature is to bring attention to this wide range of artistry that has so long been untapped and overlooked.

If you know of a filmmaker that would make a great future Filmmaker of the Month, you can send OCTFME your recommendations using this submission form.

View our previous Filmmakers of the Month:


Gabriella Garcia-Pardo February 2018 Filmmaker of the MonthCarletta S. Hurt - January 2018 Filmmaker of the Month