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OCTFME's internship program has hit its stride! From just a few years ago when summertime was the only time you'd find interns here at OCTFME, we've picked up our pace allowing more college and high school aged students oppportunities to learn from award-winning producers and consumate professional staff in the areas of studio production, social media & marketing, film, tv and much more!

Here's what we offer year-round...


InternshipsCreative Economy Career Access Program



Interested in being a CECAP Trainee?


The selection process for the next CECAP class is expected to begin December 2021 for a program start date in early 2022. If you are interested in being considered for the next CECAP class please fill out the CECAP Inquiry Form. When the selection process for the next CECAP class begins you will be contacted by the program’s administrators.


Interested being a CECAP employer-mentor?

If you are a local creative economy employer that can provide between 30 and 40 hours a week of on-the-job work for a qualified and motivated DC resident trainee, and would like to learn more about becoming an CECAP employer-mentor, please contact Herbert Niles at [email protected].


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