Incentive/Rebate Fund FAQs

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, feature-length films, documentaries, television mini-series, episodic television series, music videos, video games and film and digital media infrastructure projects.

No. However, the District of Columbia has a skilled crew base, and expenditures made on hiring District residents increase the total potential rebate that can be earned.

That is permissible; however, rebates can only be issued for work performed directly in the District of Columbia.

No.  In all cases, rebate applications must be received and approved before the start of principal photography.

The application can be found online at Complete it and either send, deliver or email it to OCTFME along with a copy of the script, production budget and proposed production schedule.

OCTFME will respond within 20 business days.

While there are no guarantees that your proposal will receive funding, you will greatly increase your chances of success by carefully reading and understanding the rules in the following pages. OCTFME staff members are available to answer questions and to help ensure that your proposal meets all necessary requirements. Call (202) 727-6608 or email [email protected] with any questions.

The Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment handles the certification of the production project. 

The OCTFME, or its accounting agent, will have up to 90 business days to verify and certify the Incentive Awardee's request for the incentive award after the submission of all receipts and proof of qualifying expenditures. The OCTFME will send the Incentive Awardee an itemized accounting of all certified eligible spending in the form of a Certified Qualifying Spend Letter for the Awardee to review and execute. The Certified Qualifying Spend Letter must be signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Incentive Awardee and returned to the OCTFME within 14 business days of the postmarked date of the Certified Qualifying Spend Letter. After the OCTFME receives that signed letter, the incentive award payment will be sent to the Incentive Awardee within 45 business days.

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