Apply for a Film Permit


ATTENTION:  March for our Lives Film Permit Applicants


The March for our Lives event has received permission from the District to conduct their event in public space; and we can't permit the same public space.


Please also note that the District's Department of Transportation has suspended all non-emergency parking, sidewalk and street curb or travel lane public right-of-way requests in the event area on the relevant dates.



Film Permit Process

  1. USE THE APPLICATION TO THE RIGHT (or below if you're on a smaller screen)
    1. this provides us with all the information we need to issue you a permit.
    2. (Unfortunately, emailing us info about your shoot, or calling asking how to get a permit only slows us down.)
  2. What’s in the Application? Feel free to scroll through the application – you’ll notice instructions and tips for most questions.
    1. Basic contact information about you and the production company (name address email, phone #’s etc.)
    2. Title of Production, Network, and short description of the show, AND description of what you’ll be shooting here in DC.
    3. LOCATIONSwe must have locations. We will not process ‘general b-roll, or various city locations, or ‘around DC’. If in doubt, check our jurisdictional map or if all else fails, put Constitution and Independence Ave from 3rd to 14th St.
    4. Upload your COI insurance certificate. There are specific instruction in the app. You can email the COI later if need be – won’t stop our intake processing.
    5. DATES and TIMES – please allow a minimum of 5 business days for us to process everyone’s application. POLICE, TRAFFIC, OR OTHER REQUESTS TAKE LONGER.