OCTFME Recognizes St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery as the October 2018 Location of the Month

Monday, October 8, 2018

Washington, DCThe Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTFME) recognizes St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery as the October 2018 Location of the Month, a fitting choice for the month of Halloween!

St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery is a gem of hidden tranquility in the midst of an urban setting. Lush landscape, breathtaking sculptures and notable history combined makes Rock Creek Cemetery the most beautiful and evocative public cemetery in the nation’s capital. Located at Rock Creek Church Road, NW, and Webster Street, NW, in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC, it is the city’s oldest cemetery.

Dating from 1719, the Cemetery was designed as part of the rural cemetery movement first advocated by the architect Sir Christopher Wren in 1711. The burial ground in the churchyard’s urban space, with its natural 86-acre rolling landscape, functions as both cemetery and public park.

The beautiful landscape, the Cemetery’s famous residents, and   the stunning variety of sculptures and monuments make Rock Creek Cemetery a place of pilgrimage for people of all faiths and an excellent setting for film, television and event productions.

Rock Creek Cemetery serves as the final resting place to some of Washington’s most notable residents including (in alphabetical order):

Henry Adams, Author and diplomat
Eugene Allen, White House butler for 34 years and inspiration for the 2013 movie, “The Butler”
Abraham Baldwin, Signer of the US Constitution
Montgomery Blair, Postmaster General in Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet
Charles Corby, Baking Innovator of “Wonderbread”
Julius Garfinckel, Founder of Garfinckel’s Department Store
Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Chairman of the National Geographic Society
Patricia Roberts Harris, Secretary Health and Human Services in Jimmy Carter’s Cabinet
Charles Truman Jenkins, Inventor of the television
Alice Roosevelt Longworth, President’s daughter
George McGovern, US Senator, 1972 Democratic Party presidential nominee
George Washington Riggs, Founder of Riggs Bank
Harlon Fiske Stone, Chief Justice of the United States
Upton Sinclair, Author and Pulitzer Prize Winner
Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of State for Franklin D. Roosevelt
Gore Vidal, Author, screenwriter, and essayist
“Gore Vidal once called Rock Creek Cemetery “the prettiest place in Washington,” and I think he was right. But it’s so much more than just a pretty place. Within its gently rolling art covered hillsides are heroes, geniuses and scoundrels, both past and present. Their stories make up the American story, writ large,” stated Jim Jones, Senior Warden of the Vestry, St. Paul’s Rock Creek Church and Cemetery.

On August 12, 1977, Rock Creek Cemetery and the adjacent church grounds were listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Rock Creek Church Yard and Cemetery. Rock Creek Cemetery’s park-like setting is graced with beautiful sculptures, mausoleums, monuments, and markers, many of which are the works of famous artisans and landscape architects. The best known is the Adams Memorial, a contemplative, androgynous bronze sculpture seated before a block of granite that was created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Stanford White. It marks the graves of Marian Hooper ‘Clover’ Adams and her husband, Henry Adams.

Numerous works of art are located in the Cemetery including:

Gutzon Borglum, Rabboni-Ffoulke Memorial, 1909
James Earle Fraser, Frederick Keep Monument, 1920
Laura Gardin Fraser, Hitt Memorial, 1931
William Ordway Partridge, Kauffmann Memorial, also known as Seven Ages or Memory, 1897
Brenda Putnam, Simon Memorial, 1917
Vinnie Ream, Edwin B. Hay Monument, 1906
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Adams Memorial, 1890
Mary Washburn, Waite Memorial, 1908
Adolph Alexander Weinman, Spencer Memorial, after 1919

“I am thrilled and truly grateful that St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery has been selected as the featured location for October by The DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTFME). It gives us an opportunity to showcase the resources that many do not even know exists here in DC,” said Kaye Savage, Director of Cemetery Development at the Cemetery, and a DC native. “St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery is a place for all people, Christians, Jews, Muslims, all faiths and nationalities. We are open and inclusive and offer a celebration of life for all of DC.”

You can also find more information at the St. Paul’s Rock Creek Cemetery website or at OCTFME’s locations referral resource DC Reel-Scout.

The “Location of the Month” initiative is part of the agency’s mission to market and support District locales as media production locations, and to bring attention to the wide range of cinematically compelling locations that are available to film and television productions. If you have a suggestion for a future OCTFME Location of the Month we would love to hear from you. If you own or manage a business, venue or location you would like to be featured as a “Location of the Month,” or if you are a filmmaker or a fan of local filmmaking with a suggestion for a unique DC location OCTFME could feature in the future “Location of the Month” please use this nomination form and tell us all about it.


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