DC Reel-Crew Feature to Showcase the Talented Film Industry Workforce in the District

Friday, May 3, 2013
New film.dc.gov tool allows MPTD to effectively promote local crew and businesses

The DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development (MPTD) launched today “DC Reel-Crew”, a new online tool that will enable the district's film industry workforce and support service companies to showcase their skills and services to producers considering filming in the city. DC Reel-Crew is part of the Reelscout platform, an online software utility created expressly for film offices to provide state-of-the-art location management and location scouting assistance. MPTD is of the first film offices in our region to introduce this feature.

The new DC Reel-Crew feature gives MPTD the ability to effectively track, manage, and promote local crew and local businesses that provide production support services for film, television, and new media production companies seeking to film on location here in the District of Columbia. District residents with demonstrated production crew experience can go online today and register their information into this database free of charge.

To register, District residents must go to the DC Reel-Crew page, select “register now” and follow the prompts to enter basic information about themselves or their company and list their skills and services. Once the information is entered, incoming productions can identify local residents that can be hired to work on productions, serving in essence, as an online production guide or directory.

ReelScout has become the “gold standard” of location application software, and is currently used by more than 60 film offices and commissions in the United States. New features available to the public through this tool include location specifications, mapping and key word searching capabilities.

MPTD will also offer public access to DC locations through a mobile phone application (or “app”) managed and maintained by ReelScout in the near future. The new mobile app for iPhone will give users access to location and crew list information right from their mobile phones.