DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development Launches One City Location of the Month Initiative

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The District of Columbia Office of Motion Picture and Television Development is pleased to announce a new feature on its web site: One City Location of the Month.

Beginning this month, the DC Film Office will feature a unique, cinematically appealing local business, institution, private property, or public open space as its “Location of the Month.” The goal of this initiative is to highlight the great diversity of locations available in the District of Columbia for commercial filming. By providing this platform, the DC Film Office hopes to help local business people, property owners, and residents attract the kind of visibility that will allow them to forge revenue-generating business relationships with local, national, and international filmmakers and production companies.

“The Nation’s Capital offers a unique landscape for the film community that no other city can provide,” stated Crystal Palmer, Director of the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. “It is our mission to showcase and educate people on the wealth of properties and locations that exist here and in return, generate business for the local establishments and the city as a whole.”

The District of Columbia is a rich, dynamic, and wholly unique city offering a diverse range of locations: restaurants, office and government buildings, private institutions, residential neighborhoods and private residences, as well as iconic monuments and vistas. The purpose of this feature is to bring attention to the wide range of varied, cinematically compelling locations that are available to film and television productions.

Iconic Washington, D.C. restaurant and landmark, Ben’s Chili Bowl has been selected as the inaugural One City Location of the Month for March.