May 2012 Filmmaker of the Month - Tommy Taylor Jr.

Tommy Taylor Jr. is a vibrant and creative young award-winning filmmaker, producer, actor, and comedian. Whether in front of the camera or behind it, Taylor’s artistry is emerging in an outstanding fashion across several platforms, all while emphasizing the people and places in Washington, DC.

Not only is Tommy excelling as a professional actor and comedian, he has created further distinction for himself by being one of the few, if not the only, performing artists in DC that is also an award-winning producer and director. His self-produced television series The Tommy Taylor Show has aired nationally, received several awards, and has garnered the attention of major television networks. He also has injected his brand of humor and visual storytelling style in the production of major commercials, music videos, and films. From the writing and directing, cinematography and editing, to costuming and location scouting, Tommy performs all of these tasks himself, displaying technical mastery and versatility in his artistic skill set. His dedication, creativity, and vision to produce such content has also outfitted a diversity of local artists the opportunity to showcase and develop their own talents in a manner that they would have not had otherwise.

Growing up in the Southeast section of DC, Tommy held a passion for entertaining and technology from an early age. As a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in Engineering and Drama, he went on to receive his MBA from Howard University, during which he simultaneously began his career as an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. In 2006, Tommy began gaining roles in movies such as “Die Hard 4”; appeared in national commercials; became the face of the Washington Post ad-campaign; garnered roles in television series such as HBO’s: How to Make It In America and The Wire; and even appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Learning a great deal on set as an actor, Tommy used this knowledge as a catalyst to create his own productions. Combining his love for technology and entertainment he formed Taylor Creative, a production company where he has produced critically acclaimed and award-winning commercials, short films, music videos, viral videos, syndicated content, and produced his original sketch comedy series the “Tommy Taylor Show” (TTS). The TTS brings Tommy’s brand of “good. clean. comedy.” to television and the Internet. The show has become a partner station of, and, and in its peak averaged more than 100,000 online views per month. The show was also recently featured internationally as part of the Tommy Taylor Takeover on CanadaWatch.TV!

Tommy received the first ever Producer of the Year award from DCTV (2011-2012), along with multiple awards from other TV stations, and has been profiled in Fortune Small Business Magazine. His latest short film A Family Affair is making its rounds as an official selection in film festivals around the country. Tommy has recently produced five commercials for Comcast and DCTV’s Anytime. Anywhere. campaign, and is currently producing and directing a national PSA promoting the CAP Act, which will support funding of public television channels around the country.

With a fervent desire to showcase the amazing talent in the nation’s capital, Tommy understands the importance of having quality productions in DC. He relishes the chance to aid other artist in not having to endure the headache of constantly traveling to NY or LA for great opportunities to grow in their craft. Furthermore, Taylor strives to keep God first and to be a positive role model in the lives of young people through his personal life and artistic endeavors. As such, he works with many organizations, in particular the Best Friends Foundation to use entertainment to help "at risk" youth make positive choices in life!

Stay up to date with Tommy and all his activities as an actor, comedian and filmmaker on his web site:  

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