Program Mission

Establish a creative economy career access on-the-job training program offering underserved District of Columbia residents an opportunity to receive the training, experience, and job placement support required to establish sustainable careers in the creative economy.


Program Participants & Partners

District resident aspiring media professionals

Media Industry & Creative Economy and Creative Technology Employers



CECAP: Media as a win-win opportunity for the government and the prospective employer partner. The initiative provides District of Columbia residents from historically underreprented communites access to creative economy training and on-the-job work experience under the direction of entertainment industry mentors, and provides local creative industries employers an opportunity to exercise corporate citizenship with the salary of an entry-level trainee fully subsidized.


Program Design

The 2021 CECAP: Media program is a paid 9-month workforce training program divided into two modules, (1) a training module and (2) an on-the-job training placement module. The training module is a 3-week introduction to media production curriculum provided by DCTV. During the on-the-job training module the CECAP: Media trainees are placed with a participating local creative economy employer for up to 8 months. The CECAP: Media trainee compensation is set at the District of Columbia living minimum wage.


Program Candidate Pool

CECAP: Media seeks to recruit a diverse cross-section of District residents interested in pursuing careers in the creative economy. The goal of the trainee selection process is to identify motivated and qualified District Resident candidates from underserved communities, including, but not limited to: returning citizens, military veterans, the disabled, and the long term unemployed.


CECAP: Media Target Business Activities


Audio Visual Technology

Digital Media Production/Distribution/Broadcasting/Publishing/Streaming Interactive Media & Gaming

Marketing/Consulting/Public Relations/Digital Agencies Mobile Application Development

Motion Picture/Film/Television Production & Distribution

Multimedia/Video Production, Design, & Simulation Music & Sound Recording


Radio & Podcast Digital Broadcasting

Social Media Engagement/Web User Experience Management Television & Satellite Broadcasting

Video & Digital Gaming

Creative Economy/Media Communications Services (Other)


CECAP: Media Target Industry Occupations

Art Directors

Audio & Video Equipment Technicians Broadcast/Master Control Technicians Camera Operators

Communications/Messaging/Social Media Specialists Editors (Film, TV, Video, Animation, and Digital) Digital Designers

Graphic Designers

Media & Communications Workers Media & Communications Equipment Workers

Multimedia Artists and Animators Producers and Directors

Post-Production Specialists

Set and Exhibit Designers

Software Engineering/Gaming/ Mobile App Developers Sound Engineering Technicians

Technical Writers Website/User Experience Specialists



How to Become a CECAP: Media Trainee

Only District of Columbia residents that meet specific program criteria qualify for the program. If you are interested in becoming a CECAP: Media trainee and want to learn more about the qualification criteria, please submit your contact information using the CECAP: Media Inquiry Form: http://bit.ly/2ID3Hw0 or contact the CECAP: Media administrator at [email protected].


How to Participate as an Employer-Mentor

If you are an employer interested in hosting and mentoring a CECAP: Media trainee and want to learn more about the program, please contact the CECAP: Media administrator at [email protected].