Programming Division

Programming Division
The Programming division provides 24-hour programming on DCC, DCN and DKN. Programming also covers public service announcements, press conferences and interviews for the Executive Office of the Mayor, the Council of the District of Columbia and other District government agencies requesting program service.
Television Production
Provides administrative, management and logistic details of production from conception to completion. Producers conceptualize programs, coordinate production activities including planning, videotaping, scriptwriting, editing and graphic production. 
Camera Photography (Videography)
Records events such as press conferences, town hall meetings, promotional ceremonies and interviews that provide for content for programs on DCC, DCN and DKN.  
Audiovisual Production
Converts raw production elements to finished products for broadcasting. Edits audiovisual elements and monitors quality of programs to be broadcasted. 
Video Editor
Transforms raw footage and other source materials, integrates special effects and graphic elements and are responsible for assembling the final product.