Film Division Internship Description

The OCTFME Film Division offers undergraduate and graduate college students internship opportunities during the school year and over the summer. Candidates interested in media production administration, production finance, and media industry business management will have an opportunity to gain practical experience supporting the administrative activities of OCTFME’s Film Division.

Candidates chosen for the Film Division internship will work with the Film Division team on some of the following OCTFME Film Division administrative operations:

  • Location and Production Services Support: Interns will have an opportunity to assist the Film Division with updating and maintaining OCTFME’s local locations, production support vendor, and production crew database system, DC Reel-Scout.
  • Database Management: Interns will assist the Film Division with maintaining several databases and tracking systems that support the local film production and media community.
  • Production Rebate Fund Administrative Support: Interns will have an opportunity to assist with the administrative support for the District’s DC Film, Television and Entertainment Rebate Fund. This program offers local and out-of-state production companies rebates based on approved qualified production spending in the District of Columbia.
  • Film Permit Administrative Support: OCTFME’s Film Division receives over 200 applications per year seeking permission film in District of Columbia public spaces. Interns will have an opportunity to work with the Film Division’s permit agents on film permit application processing.
  • Film Industry Program Support: OCTFME’s Film Division administrates the Filmmaker of the Month (FOTM) and Location of the Month (LOTM) initiatives. Interns will have an opportunity to support efforts to identify FOTM and LOTM candidates and assist with administrating those programs.
  • General Research: Interns will also assist with general research and administrative support as directed by the Film Division staff.

Ideal Candidate

College (undergraduate and graduate) students who have an interest in learning more about media industry administration and locations/production services support. The ideal Film Division intern candidate should have an interest in one or more of the following:

  • Location Management
  • Photo Editing
  • Production Services Support
  • Media Production Accounting
  • Database Systems Management
  • Customer Service Management (CRM) Systems
  • Film Industry & Media/Creative Economy Community Support

Other OCTFME Internship Opportunities

The Film Division Internship program does not provide access to hands-on experience in media, film or television physical production. If you are interested in gaining experience as a production assistant, an editor, a production coordinator, a content producer, or social media specialist, please apply for one of the opportunities available with one of OCTFME’s other departments. You can learn more about other internship opportunities at OCTFME here.

Interested in becoming an OCTFME Film Division Intern?

If you are interested in learning more about Film Division internships, please forward your current resume to the OCTFME’s Film Division at [email protected].