ESPN's Lisa Salters Visits the DC Entertainment Office

Lisa Salters visits OCTFME

ESPN journalist Lisa Salters met with the correspondents of DKN Sports -- the District’s source for reporting on local sports events and student athletes. "In efforts to expand DKN Sports we wanted to work with a respected and experienced journalist to bring teachable resources to enhance the show" says Bruce Walker, Associate Director of Television & Entertainment at the DC Entertainment Office.  Salters is currently a Monday Night Football ESPN host and a former collegiate women’s basketball player for Penn State University. She has worked in the journalism for over 20 years and has covered  everything from the Winter Olympics to wars in the Middle East.  DKN Sports host Chad Ricardo interviewed Salters for an upcoming show that will premiere this Fall on DKNSportsDC.  Stay up to date with the latest in local sports by following @DKNSportsDC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.



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